ToU Recolors

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Mar 142015

As I don´t use S4S and was not sure how it works until now, I point out to my Terms of Use concerning the recoloring of my objects:

You are allowed to recolor my objects and publish them in the free-area on your website.
Publishing on pay sites is not allowed!
As the original mesh is always included in the package when you create a recolor for The Sims 4, please give credit and link back to the original mesh.
Do not include my original swatches in your package and don´t default retexture. Do not override my original swatches.

I guess objects that share the same textures (like the curtains and the single boxes) may not be recolorable, but I´m not sure about this.

Mar 132015

Deco Boxes

Six rectangular boxes, six round boxes
Each box has one slot – stackable/fillable
60 Swatches per Box

The files
S4F-MASTER-Dekoboxen02-TEXTURES.package (rectangular boxes)
S4F-MASTER-Dekoboxen03-TEXTURES.package (round boxes)
hold all textures for the boxes and always have to be in the Mods folder!


Deco Boxes
Deco Boxes
Deco Boxes